Grid Plus

Lake Austin Blvd Westfield Austin

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Financial Security. Simplified.

GridPlus creates products that enable mainstream use of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. We are hardware, software, and cryptocurrency experts building the foundation for a more efficient and inclusive financial future. GridPlus Lattice1 and SafeCards use uncompromising security to enable the most secure cryptocurrency storage ever created. GridPlus Pay mobile app and merchant tools allow users to easily spend their securely stored assets. GridPlus products form a new, fully integrated infrastructure stack for the burgeoning world of cryptocurrencies.

After developing and incubating cutting edge methods for energy trading using Ethereum blockchain technology with our partners, we branched out from the larger ConsenSys team to bring efficiency and savings to the retail energy industry. GridPlus Energy leverages GridPlus technology solutions to bring next generation efficiencies to energy markets and welcome savings to consumers.

GridPlus proudly designs and engineers its products in Austin, Texas.