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Our suite of enterprise solutions employs Zero-Knowledge Proof cryptography, Secure Multiparty Computation, Homomorphic Encryption, and other privacy-enhancing techniques that help businesses share intelligence to detect fraud, fight financial crime, verify identifies, manage professional certifications and preserve privacy on blockchains — without exposing private data.  


Founded by a world-class team of accomplished tech entrepreneurs, researchers and developers, QEDIT boasts a staff of industry experts and professionals who love what they do.  The company is overseen by a Scientific Advisory Board that includes renowned scholars in advanced cryptography and ZKP systems from leading institutions around the globe.


QEDIT appeared on Crunchbase’s top 50  hottest global tech companies of 2019, as well as Business Insider’s 35 hottest Israeli Startups of 2020.  It is also proud to have been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a 2019 Technology Pioneer in the field of data privacy.